Revolution from Revolver


In the 60’s while the “teenage love song band” gimmick was at its height, there was The Beatles. A four piece British rock band of teenagers who at the time were taking the world by storm. They played some “boy/girl pop” rock music, had attitude, bob cuts, and accents. They were the teen girl dream.

In the Beatles 1965 album Revolver, the sound of their music and the lyrical content changed so much it from their last album. Everything else out at that time was cookie cutter “boy/girl pop” music that it created a musical psychedelic revolution. In a pod cast that I listened to, it was said that while the Beatles had taken a break from recording they had some experience with some trippy substances and mind wondering experiences. They had conversations with people that sparked ideas from off the wall places at the time. The ideas sparked and caught fire to paper and made lyrics for songs on Revolver. In the podcast a story was told about how John Lennon was sitting in his attic and reading a book that Timothy Leary wrote called the “Psychedelic Experience”. It was said that from reading the book Lennon got two ideas. They were ideas for lyrics that would go into “Tomorrow Never Knows”, and the way that the vocals would sound in the song, which included a Hammond organ part and a microphone.

With their newfound ideas and creative thought processes the recording studio was a place of limitless creativity. John Lennon would recreate the idea he had in his attic with the vocals and ideas such as reversing vocals could come into fruition. In “Sonic Alchemy” there was a story about how Ringo Star’s drums sounded the way they did in Revolver. The drum sound was constructed by sticking a sweater into a kick drum. Then pushing the microphone on the kick really close up, and sticking compressors and limiters on it. This was a big thing when it happened.

When I listened to Revolver I could see why people liked it so much. It wasn’t boy/girl pop it was something else both lyric wise and sound and music wise. It causes the brain to want to think further than it has done before. It pass by those shallow thoughts of everyday and swim in a ocean you might have never been to before. Basically, it brings new ideas and tricks to music that had not been there before. Which seems why it started that psychedelic era.

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