My thoughts of the Brain of Brian Eno


As I read articles, book chapters and blog posts about Brian Eno a clear idea of his creative characteristics and influence were brought to light. Over the years Brian Eno has both introduced the world to recording techniques like Tape delay, and influenced a whole new scene of Ambient Music. During his time working on “Here Comes the Warm Jets”, Eno experimented with Tape delay on guitars and other instruments. “Baby’s on Fire” being one of the songs Tape delay was used in.

There are two types of realms Brian Eno worked in. The Pop Rock Scene and Ambient Music were the two music genres that Brian Eno has done. His Pop Rock type music compared to his ambient music is significantly different in most cases. The pop rock type stuff is more linear and includes vocals as well as the drums are more linear. On the ambient music side, the music generally has no vocals, its drums are usually loops that switch with random sequences. Also, there is more creative minimalism going on in the music.

Enos’ music in many ways is different than so many things out there, especially when he first started doing Ambient Music like his album “Music for Films”. So much of Enos’ music is accompanied with visual art. Why? Its Enos’ creative niche. Another thing Enos’ music has that others don’t, is the interesting quality to be able to subtly conform as ambient music. In Enos’ music he frequently uses a non-fancy yamaha synthesizer.

What I got from Brian Enos’ creativity in music, art, and multimedia is the aspects that he has delved into is, the man is like a Wonka candy factory of creativity. I had scrolled Imdb credits of works that he had in movies in the past years and there were 133 just on soundtracks alone. I remember hearing in so many in movies that Ive watched since i was a kid that its mind altering to realize that so much of the ambient music in movies were created by him.

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One thought on “My thoughts of the Brain of Brian Eno

  1. Your Brian Eno entry was thought out and very well done. Everything is clearly written out to the point. Eno’s recording techniques have revolutionized how some people approach certain aspects of music. I feel you grasped that knowledge in your entry. His ideas with the tape machine makes me want to try it in the studio one day.
    I wouldn’t change anything about your entry at all. It was all spot on from what I’ve have read in my research about him and the bands he worked with in the past. Reading about what he does in the studio would make future generations going into this field want to immerse themselves even more in the studio after reading about his past.

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