What If: Messing up the Time Line

I was sitting in the passengers side of my girlfriends car as we drove back home from an event downtown. I can’t even remember what we were talking about but the subject seemed to drift to what the laws of time travel were if it were possible. She had introduced me to the TV series “Fringe” a year or so ago and the idea of going back or forward in time and observing was the what we had gotten stuck on. So what would happen when someone was able to go back?

I argued that if you went into the past and did anything then it could potentially change the future, like the Butterfly Effect. This is if the world has a quantum connection and someone just seeing you could cause a different thought in their mind that potentially changes something major. However the same thing could go for if you were walking down the street and someone was walking behind you, which causes them to miss a bus or not get somewhere they were suppose to be at. She argued that if even going into the past and being seen could change things then you would have to do everything without being seen. Which you would have to be some kind of ghost or ninja for that to even happen. I tried bringing up what would happen if someone went into the future using that same theory. However, she argued that the future would be the future and you wouldn’t be changing your future you would be changing an extended future. One that was after you were born, so you wouldn’t know what was suppose to have happened originally.

Argument Point 2: What happens if you did change something, creating another timeline? Would you be able to ever get back to the original timeline. So if you did go back into the past and change something and tried to get back you your original timeline it wouldn’t be your original timeline would it. It would be another branch from that point at which you changed it. Which would be another separate and new timeline. Remember there is a new timeline and put the thought on the back burner for a minute. Now like in Back to the Future, if you went back and changed the even that happened, back to how it originally happened in your original timeline would it end up the same? Possibly, but its not exact. Some small event could still change something if the original event wasn’t verbatim.

Remember how there was still that alternate timeline that was created? Well just because you went back and changed something back to normal does that mean that that timeline doesn’t exist anymore? Probably not, it may still exist. Now what would happen if you couldn’t get back to your original timeline? Would time travelers have a kind of beacon that directs them through the alternate time streams like cardinal directions on a map? What if they did have a device that would be left behind in a timeline that would guide other back and forth to that timeline long with going to other alternate timelines. The device jumps would probably be something similar to a cross between a radar and a bluetooth connection to find the timeline. Where it would  have to find the non linear direction of the object and connect to it.

Anyhow, its fun to speculate how things would be in certain situations and I would enjoy hearing others opinions on the these thoughts.


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