Kraftwerk and Puttin’ In Work


In 1970 a band known as Kraftwerk was started. They were experimental electronic music musicians but dressed like rockers from. Originally when Kraftwerk came out they were put into the genre of Kraut rock, which was german rock with german lyrics and german references. Later on down the line when Kraftwerk started to mature as a band musically they adopted the sophisticated look. They dressed in suits and performed in suits which started around the release of their album “Ralf Florian”. Their style evolved to robotic snazzy suits that began to reflect the electronic music scene by their album “The Man Machine”. At this point Kraftwerk was a major influential band in the electronic music scene.

There are three Kraftwerk albums that really helped progress them musically, as well as progress the electronic music scene, even if the albums were a hit or miss. The album “Autobahn” was release in 74′. It was the first of the Kraftwerk albums that did well. It was full of experimental electronic music but also a little melodic synths. After “Autobahn” people were looking forward to Kraftwerk’s next album, which was release in 75′, known as “Radioactivity”. This album didn’t do so well to the general public but the Kraftwerk fans were still listening to it. Around this time Kraftwerk came into contact with David Bowie and Brian Eno, who seemed to have given them inspiration in ways. They release “Trans-Europe Express” in 1977, which for the must part was the start of Kraftwerks melodic electronic albums.
On the first side of the record there  were melodic song and on the B-Side more experimental electronic music. This album was a miss for the most part at the time except for the “Trans Europe Express” track that placed on the charts. In 1978, Kraftwerk’s “The Man Machine” was release. Off all their albums so far this was the must melodic so far. It sold hundreds of thousands of records in France and the song “The Model” placed 9th on the charts.

Kraftwerk’s music require people to have an open mind that liked the idea of experimentation with what music could turn into. If someone couldn’t play a random can hear and there and not here music in it then they probably wouldn’t understand Kraftwerk’s initial albums. Their music was a collective of electronic instruments like Moog Synths as well as traditional instruments like flutes. As Kraftwerk did develop their sound and became more melodic they cultivated the synths parts and let blossom music that was danceable back in the day.

I’ve listened to a lot of Electronic music since I started listening to it maybe around 7 years ago. But I never really knew where it started from. By finding out who brought the dawn of a new genre to life it helps me see what creativity and experimentation can spawn. I hope to be able to influence people with what I create the same as Kraftwerk, who taking new technology, at the time, and developing something lasting with it.

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2 thoughts on “Kraftwerk and Puttin’ In Work

  1. Hey Althon, I love the way your blog is set up. The tone is very straight forward and I didn’t get side tracked reading, which is always a good thing. I agree that Kraftwerk made it’s listeners open their minds to like the idea of experimentation in music. I find it strange that their music didn’t really reach “mainstream” ears until the latter of their albums. I also find it pretty cool that producers from other genres come into this genre and influence another musical revolution. I would call Kraftwerk a group way ahead of their time. Once again, you have a great blog set up.

  2. Althon your kraftwerk entry was great. I like how each section had it’s own paragraph explaining thoroughly about what they did in their career. You talked more about the albums then I did. I’m sure I only talked about one or two and how their sound changed between those tow and so forth. The only thing I noticed is you missed a word that didn’t complete the sentence in two sentences, but that it an easy fix. Other then that everything is else is very well done. Everything is consistent meaning you didn’t skip any segments that needed to be in this entry. Also all the information is very accurate which makes a big difference overall.

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