Kitaro and the New Age


Once again I have another Blog post that must be done for my Music History class. This time its on something that had an influence on Electronic Music. I happened onto Kitaro, a Japanese New Age music Composer that started his career in the late 1960’s, early 70’s while in high school. Kitaro didn’t start off playing synths from the get go. He started playing guitar until found the synth years later.

In the 1980’s when New Age music was a big thing and selling an abundant amount Kitaro was on an international tour. Kitaro toured in 1987 in the US and all his concerts were absolutely packed. Later he would be noted as a key founder of New Age Music. Why he would become seen as a founder of New age music is due to the use of classical instruments blended with electronic instruments. The Music that kitaro created was inspired by nature. Nature can be calm and serene at times and loud and thunderous. Along with these inspirations Kitaro’s musical composition is simple compared to other styles that my be extravagantly complex. In the simplicity shows the beauty of the music. This is how other electronic musicians got there inspiration.

There are a couple things about Kitaro’s music that I noticed that other electronic musicians didn’t start using at that time. Many of the electronic music, at the time, used drum machines or someone played pads with sounds applied to them. Kitaro on the other hand had mostly cultural and classical instruments like flutes, taiko drums, guitars, drum kits, electric guitars and so on. Accompanied by synths that Kitaro himself played, this was different from the other electronic musicians. Another aspect that I notice about Kitaros music was the ideology behind it. While other electronic musicians were like scientists with the synths that they played, Kitaro made it artistic in a different way. Something I’m awkwardly describing as Introverted feelings gathered from observing nature released into music.

I took some time and went onto youtube and listened to a lot of Kitaro’s music. What I felt when I listened to it was a lot of calming feelings somehow embedded into the music. It was interesting to me. Not much music does that, that causes a calmness and lets me reflect. I can could on my hand how many times thats happened, three times. Also, now that I’ve learned about Kitaro if Im ever on a job in the future and need music that inspires feels as I mentioned I know exactly where to go.

Thanks for reading and Come back to read more, you might always find something interesting on here.

References used for this blog as on the Reference Page.


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